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Mindfuck Meme

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Warning: Explicit Themes Contained


1. Post a character! It'd sure be nice if you put their name, canon, and any prefs you might have in the subject line.
2. When other characters tag in, they'll be using ye olde RNG (1-13) to figure out just how they'll be fucking your character's mind and probably their body.
3. Be royally screwed up and need therapy for decades.

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samples for Alucard for Hellpointe

First person samples:

1) [For some reason, you've ended up having dinner at Alucard's tonight. He insists on cooking it himself despite having no idea how. You can attempt to suggest help, but he'll just snap at you. You're free to try and wrestle those pots and pans from him if you want.]

No, I don't need help! It's not that hard. I can figure it out.

2) [More zombies are descending upon Bell Pointe! Alucard's out there alone, trying to keep them from getting into his house. He gestures with his hands to control shadowy tendrils that rise up and fling zombies back, or rip their heads right off. He won't be able to keep this up forever, as he's starting to look tired. Care to help fight off the last of this wave with him?]

3) [Al's looking a bit more pensive that usual today. He's sitting out on the beach, watching the fog roll off the ocean. Maybe he's homesick, or maybe he's just bored. Only one way to find out.]

[FKMT] Gai run
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Fluff Smut Meme

The Rules
1] Character A: Post to the meme and wait for replies. Name, Fandom, and Preferences should be listed in the subject.
2] Character B: Go to the RNG and roll a number.

1] First times: everything's done with patience and care.
2] Comfort: sometimes a hug turns into something else.
3] Courting: go the whole nine yards. Rose petals on the floor, expensive wine, ect ect.
4] I love you: only one requirement for this one: it has to be at least one of the character's first times admitting their feelings.
5] Holiday: birthday, valentine's day, Christmas, or maybe anniversary sex? Up to you!
6] Make up: loving sex after an argument.
7] Random: two or more of the above or just something else altogether.

lovingly lifted from bentoboxed

[misc] things are happening
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open slumber party wooo



☏2 No, really, it's a sleepover- the most cliche sleepover in the universe. You may be at a slumber party with 10 people, or you might just be with your best friend, but damn this is the best sleepover.

☏3 Your setting is embarrassingly cute. All the blankets and pillows are adorable- baby pandas, kittens, fluffy clouds, Miffy- and it's all the pink you could ever want. It looks like ten-year-old girls were in charge of the decor. You have ridiculously fluffy bunny slippers to wear, your pajamas have puppies awkwardly placed over strategic spots and show too much skin/hairy leg to be decent, and there is even more awkwardness because you all have to share one bathroom.

☏4 You could play sleepover games, like truth or dare or spin the bottle! If you choose to watch a movie, keep in mind that only scary movies will be available to watch, for appropriate shrieking and clinging. Your characters may also be compelled to gossip and do each other's hair and makeup. Even if they're boys. Especially if they're boys.

☏5 Post and tag around and make your character hate themselves forever.
[misc] singing heart
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The Mistletoe with a Twist Meme

➀ There's mistletoe everywhere. Everywhere. You're character is underneath it now.

➁ Once underneath it with someone else they are stuck in place until they do one of two things:
Kiss or Tell a secret about themselves.

➂ It doesn't matter who tells their secret, initiates the kiss, etc.

Whenever it happens they're 'free'... Until the next incident.

➃ Do not try and destroy the mistletoe. It won't work and bad things will happen.
(See: Burning, freezing, electrocuting, and biting. Yes. It bites. )

Threadjacking, 'leaving and coming back', etc, can have the process repeat even if they've already done it before.

[GiantRobo] Musamame Russian Roulette
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roll of the dice!


1. Post your character with name and series in the subject line.
2. Go here. Generate 1 random integer between 1 and 9 for each character you want to respond to.
3. Your character will feel magically and irresistibly compelled to perform the action that corresponds to your number on the list below. No cheating to get the number you want!

1 - give him/her a hug
2 - give him/her a kiss
3 - act like a dog
4 - clothes suddenly disappear into thin air
5 - instantly develop a crush on him/her
6 - perform a strip tease
7 - ask him/her to dance
8 - ask out on a date
9 - challenge to a fight